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“We have this opportunity to give veterans access to these healing modalities that we most desperately need. It needs to happen now. I have lost too many brothers and sister to suicide or to mental health crises – these medicines have the potential to help.” – J.M. Marine Corps Veteran

A Duty of Care

Military veterans represent bravery and integrity in our society. Their dedication and sacrifice transcends politics, and their well-being is critical to our values as a nation. Yet they often face challenges when reintegrating with their families and communities - challenges that are not being adequately addressed.
      Studies repeatedly report alarming rates of PTSD, depression, anxiety, addiction, and hopelessness. Shockingly, more veterans have died by suicide than by combat in the last 20 years and the epidemic continues.
      It’s clear that current medicines and treatments are not effectively helping people cope – let alone heal and thrive.

30% of veterans in the US suffer from PTSD.

Almost every hour of every day, a veteran will die by suicide.

1 in 10 veterans have been diagnosed with a Substance Abuse Disorder.

Reconsider recognizes our responsibility in dealing with the trauma that veterans face in the realization of service. We are excited by the potential of psychedelics and other transformational medicines and are partnering with veterans and veterans groups to expand the impact of these promising medicines and therapies.
      Veterans can lead the way for the larger community to be able to access these medicines for their own healing.

“Every veteran pays a price for their service.
As do their families and communities.”

— Bob Koffman, Retired US Naval Captain and psychiatrist

How we’re helping

We bring together veterans, their families, and providers and facilitate authentic conversations about the opportunities and challenges of transformational medicines. We share stories of impact, and encourage connection and collaboration.

We educate people on transformational medicines and current research, and share  information on how (and where) they can be accessed legally.

We work with healthcare providers, policy makers, nonprofit and for-profit businesses, as well as funders, to create change in the perspectives and direction of our current systems serving veterans.

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Veteran Convenings

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Convenings and authentic conversations are the foundation of our work. We gather veterans, family members, and others as a way to hear their stories, understand their challenges and ensure that solutions emerge from the community that is being served. We are growing our program to focus on specific groups, including VA providers, spouses, family members, and those who have suffered sexual trauma in the military.
Our Invitational Gatherings are held at Reconsider’s home, located in the Hudson Valley in upstate New York.

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Provider Convenings

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We bring together providers both within and outside of the existing systems, including the VA, to share learnings. These gatherings create a network of providers to support the emergence of these medicines for the veteran community.  We include veterans from various cultures and perspectives so that providers hear directly from those they serve.


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One of the key components to this work is our ability to effectively train communities of providers in distinct fields of focus. Reconsider is collaborating with MAPS and others to provide opportunities for healthcare professionals and others to learn how to work with transformational medicines, and support a much-needed shift in the paradigm of mental health.