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The root of our suffering is not purely biological.

Psychedelics and other transformational medicines can help us to more authentically connect with ourselves, with our communities, with nature and with life - beyond the trauma and cultural narratives that unconsciously directs our lives.

These medicines include substances, therapies and experiences that can assist us in moving from one state of consciousness to another. They include psychedelics, plant, fungi and animal medicines, many of which have been used by indigenous and other communities for generations. Transformational medicines also include many modalities of practice and connection including breathwork, sound, and meditation, as well as a deeper connection to community, and nature.

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A new world starts with a new vision.

Until we make the unconscious conscious, it will direct our lives and we will call it fate.
— Carl Jung

The Time is Now

How many times are we going to diagnose a fish swimming in toxic water?

There is an urgent need for transformation – an urgent need to think differently about our world and lives, and to imagine new ways of solving our most critical mental health and collective challenges.

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How do Psychedelics Work?

The Science

Are Psychedelics Safe?

The Safety

Are Psychedelics Effective?

The Research

Are Psychedelics Legal?

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Intercultural Integrity

We recognize and honor the many ancient and indigenous traditions who have held these medicines at the core of their spiritual practice. We’re dedicated to supporting a genuinely integrated, multidisciplinary approach that honors these medicines in their ancient context, and that addresses whole-person alignment and the integration of body, mind, heart and spirit.