A New Vision.

How many times are we going to diagnose a fish swimming in toxic water? Transformational medicines, including psychedelics, open us to new possibilities and perspectives. Working with Transformational Medicines can begin a journey to a healthier self and community, where support and guidance as well as integration are at the core of the healing process.

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A Community Infused With Love

We bring together science, western medicine, psychology, ancient cultural wisdom, holistic medicine, spirituality and more, in a genuinely multidisciplinary, mutually honoring, approach. We are working with the Veterans, First Responder, and Healthcare Worker communities and much more.

Reconsider Home Farm
Reconsider Home

Our Home

Much of our work takes place at Reconsider’s home, a center of learning and community situated in the Hudson Valley, New York. With over 62-acres of beauty and calm, surrounded by 30,000 acres of state forest, its atmosphere of peace and tranquility makes it the perfect place for retreat, conversation, educational programs, and transformation.

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