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“Research into medicines such as MDMA, psilocybin and ayahuasca, is showing the potential for significant healing - and who is more deserving of healing than healthcare workers who dedicate their lives to the healing of others?” – Sandy Samberg

Caring for those who care for us.

There are over 18 million healthcare workers in the US, caring for us when we need it the most. Their job is to look after us in our trauma and pain, yet the trauma they experience can take a heavy physical and mental toll; PTSD, moral injury, compassion fatigue, anxiety, suicide, and addiction are rife. Stigma around seeking care for mental health or substance abuse issues is endemic. And even when treatments are sought, it’s clear that they are not adequately helping people cope – let alone heal and thrive.

76% of healthcare workers report burnout (According to a 2020 study by Mental Health America)

44% self-reported PTSD*

5 times higher prescription drug addiction rates

“My job has always been stressful, but over the last few years, I’ve seen so many colleagues burn-out and leave the profession. Many of us are dealing with the traumas we’ve had to face during the pandemic. For me, I don’t know how to feel “normal” again.”

— SK, Nursing Assistant

There is hope. We are excited by the potential of transformational medicines and therapies – including psychedelics. And we are here to take on the challenge and partner with healthcare workers to expand the impact of these promising medicines and therapies.
     In addition to their own need for care, healthcare professionals are uniquely positioned to assist in the implementation of emergent medicines and therapies. They touch countless lives and can impact systemic change within their institutions. Our training and education programs aim to shift mindsets and promote systemic change.

How we’re helping

We convene healthcare workers who want to share their personal experiences and insights into the cycles of trauma and who want to join others in impacting change. Rather than solely diagnosing and medicating, these are providers who are  taking a whole-person approach to transformation.

We offer education programs to assist the emergence of transformational medicines including psychedelics, so that providers can gain a deeper understanding of how they might be used in their practice.

We work with healthcare workers, policy makers, nonprofit and for-profit businesses as well as funders to create change in the perspectives and direction of our current systems.

Learn more about our programs and initiatives

Physicians Gatherings

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Across specialties, physicians are often tasked with addressing the emotional distress of their patients in addition to caring for their physical well-being. We offer opportunities for physicians to gain a deeper understanding of transformational medicines including psychedelics, so that they can explore the potential use of psychedelics in their practice.

Mental Health Providers Gatherings

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We bring together mental health providers including therapists, social workers and counselors to deepen an understanding of transformational medicines including psychedelics and to explore the potential use of these medicines and therapies in their practice.

Addiction Specialists Gatherings

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Psychedelics are very powerful allies for the challenges of addiction.  Yet the stigma and misinformation around these medicines still persist.  These gatherings bring together researchers, program directors, experts and addicts themselves as a way to support the use of transformational medicines.

End-of-Life and Palliative Care Gatherings

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Transformational medicines hold great promise for people dealing with existential anxiety. With our guidance, hospice workers and others providing end-of-life care explore the use of psychedelics in their practice. Providers of End-of Life and Palliative care have often been some of the front runners in the field of transformational medicines and can often be strong voices in the field of mental health and end of life care.

Autism Spectrum Provider Gatherings

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Those on the spectrum face challenges such as social anxiety and difficulty with connection. Research is beginning to show promising results and the field is ripe for exploring applications and ways to both do more research and to begin more integrated ways of accessing this work for this community.  As a way of supporting this community, we convene the experts in the field, researchers investigating the use of transformational medicines  with autistic individuals, and those individuals themselves,  to explore integrated approaches and best practices.

Community Forum

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We are looking forward to hosting forums for healthcare workers and their families so they can begin to learn more about transformational medicines including psychedelics; what they are, how they work, what research is being done to-date, and how they can be accessed. We work with many of the participants from our gatherings to begin to seed the convening of the forum.  This provides an opportunity for the ideas from the convenings to be shared with a larger community.

Self-Care for Healthcare Professionals

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Our upcoming Reconsider Personal Program will offer educational and transformational experiences including breathwork and/or psychedelics (starting with Ketamine) for healthcare professionals.  We know that they can learn and be supported in their own work to address the PTSD, anxiety and depression within their own fields.

Training and Continued Education

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With our education programs, doctors, nurses, therapists, and other mental health providers will have the opportunity to earn CE credits. These programs will feature core training, including Reconsider’s methodologies and concepts.