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Education & Training

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A Medicine Woman’s Prayer “I will not rescue you. For you are not powerless. I will not fix you. For you are not broken. I will not heal you. For I see you, in your wholeness. I will walk with you through the darkness as you remember your light.” – Author Unknown

As transformational medicines continue to emerge, building a strong foundation is critical. Addressing the current disinformation and stigma is essential. Reconsider educates and supports communities with accurate information about the benefits and challenges of psychedelics and other transformational medicines.

Our programs focus on reaching a broad array of communities who are interested in learning more about these medicines. These include healthcare workers, educators, community leaders, parents, policymakers, philanthropists, and others. We work with gatekeepers such as medical providers and policymakers to educate and promote a change in attitude around currently illegal medicines such as MDMA, psilocybin, and ayahuasca, and other psychedelics,  where research has confirmed their shown immense potential.

Reconsider offers affordable programs for both in-person and online learning. We provide professionals the opportunity to earn CE credits — making these education programs more accessible.

In our work with policymakers, we strive to educate and support the emergence of these medicines. We created a panel on psychedelics for the Congressional Task Force on Military Mental Health, and we are currently working with NY State Legislators to introduce a bill to legalize psilocybin for therapeutic use and to decriminalize other plant entheogens and psychedelics.


As these medicines become more available, access will be impacted by the availability of skilled professionals within diverse communities.  There will be an increasing demand for highly skilled professionals, and for many professionals, this will require a paradigm shift in approach and training is essential.

It is estimated that we will need more than 100,000 trained psychedelic therapists by 2031

We partner with key players in the field to provide core psychedelic training. In addition, Reconsider develops programs that allow for continued education and peer support. Our training weaves the medical and mystical, the sacred and scientific. We honor and support underground practitioners, indigenous elders, medical professionals, and a wide spectrum of knowledgeable facilitators.

Reconsider’s integrative training includes many approaches such as breathwork, art and music workshops, energy work, somatic work, and other modalities. It also includes a focus and sensitivity towards cultural integration, inclusivity, and personal awareness. We see training as a lifetime endeavor and focus.

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