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Reconsider Initiatives

Reconsider engages communities of diverse voices and disciplines. We support emerging programs — including research, training, education, and policies — necessary to enable individual and systemic change.

Initial Communities of Focus


We catalyze support and awareness of partners. We know that it takes a community. We bring together philanthropists and community members to catalyze support and awareness for partners including Chacruna, SPORE, the Yorenka Tasorentsi Institute and the World Indegenous Ayahuasca Conference, the Treeangle Foundation, Right to Try, MAPS, IPN, and more.  We do this through a regranting program as well as a fiscal sponsorship program where appropriate.

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Community Building

In our disconnected, challenging world, community has never been more important. It’s how we are meant to live, and how we are meant to thrive. See how you can be involved!

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We believe that our societal challenges emanate from our individual realities and choices, so all systemic and collective transformation must begin with individual healing and connection.

Impact Groups

Reconsider harnesses the power of individuals. We bring together diverse voices and perspectives to support the emergence of transformational medicines and systemic change within the collective.

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