Crop Substitution
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Hearts of Colombia
Corazones de Colombia



We've all read about how the U.S. is funding Colombians to grow other crops besides coca. It certainly sounds like a good idea until you look into it a bit, something U.S. journalists don't do very often. ReconsiDer board member Mary Barr just returned from a "fact-finding" trip to Colombia and sent me this article about how the U.S.'s crop substitution policy is working down there. 

We know that the coca dealers pick up the coca from the farmers but the farmers have to haul the "alternative " crops to market themselves. This, in a mountainous country with poor or non-existent roads. To make it more difficult, few of these poor farmers have vehicles in which to make the trip. If that doesn't sound like reason-enough for the crop substitution program to fail, click on the left to read Mary's article, Hearts of Colombia, in English, or Spanish.


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