a PLANETARY COLLECTIVE in association with RECONSIDER film


We believe that the underlying cause of the societal and environmental issues we face today is our experience of life happening to us, and our disconnection from self, others, the natural world, and life itself.

The first step in creating a new world resides in taking time to reconsider – what we value, what choices we make, and what worldview we hold.


Reconsider is an organization that creates media and experiences that catalyze reflection, dialogue, and action.

We challenge people to reconsider the way we participate in and create our current reality.


What We Do

 Backfire Effect  The Backfire Effect occurs when, in the face of contradictory evidence, established beliefs do not change but actually get stronger.


Reconsider develops, produces, and curates long and short form media addressing the core of the societal and environmental issues we face today.

 World View  World View refers to the framework of ideas and beliefs forming a global description through which an individual, group or culture watches and interprets the world and interacts with it.


Reconsider develops, produces, and curates experiences that are immersive. Our experiences build off of our media and provide for continued integration and exploration.

 Wicked Problem  A Wicked Problem is a problem that is difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements that are often difficult to recognize.


Reconsider is weaving together individuals, organizations, and corporations to support and co-create a more dynamic, connected, and alive world.